Cleaning Guides

Learn how to clean like a pro with our range of cleaning guides. Our products are designed to help you tackle tough cleaning tasks

COSHH Good Practice 10 Safety Tips
Jangro Floor Care Guidance Chart
Jangro Chemical Dilution Chart
Jangro Toilet & Washroom Care Chart
Jangro Kitchen Hygiene Wallchart
Equipment Colour Coding Chart
Jangro Infection Control Wall Chart
Jangro Housekeeping Products Chart
Washroom Cleaning Schedule Chart
Enviro Concentrates A3 Wall Chart
Infection Control Wall Chart
Descaling Disinfect Showerhead Guide - A4 wall chart
Safety First When Using Chemicals - Wall Chart
Enviro Soluble Sachets Wall Chart
ntrl Wall Chart A3
COSHH 10 Golden Rules Wallchart