Laundry Carts

Our laundry carts provide efficient and easy transportation of your laundry, ensuring a smooth and organized process.

Service Cart with 320L Bag
1 Bag Laundry Cart
2 Bag Laundry Cart
3 Bag Laundry Cart
4 Bag Laundry Cart
Karri-Cart 12 Tray Laundry Cart
Karri-Cart 16 Tray Laundry Cart
Karri-Cart 24 Tray Laundry Cart
Karri-Cart 28 Tray Laundry Cart
Rubbermaid X-Cart Frame 150 litre
Rubbermaid X-Cart Frame 300 litre
Rubbermaid X-Cart Bag 150 litre
Rubbermaid X-Cart Bag 300 litre
Servo X Service Cart & 100L Grey Bag
Servo X Service Cart & 200L Grey Bag
Tilt Truck
Mega Brute Collector
Numatic NuBag Laundry Trolley NB3002R/AT
Numatic Laundry Bag 100L
Numatic Laundry Bag 200L
Karri-Cart Replacement Tray