Sip in style with our high-quality tumblers. From classic designs to modern shapes, we have everything you need to serve your drinks in the perfect vessel.
Elegance Hiball 34cl
Elegance Hiball 29cl
Elegance Hiball 17cl
Granity Iced Tea Tumbler 40cl
Granity Hiball Tumbler 28cl
Granity Rocks Tumbler 27cl
Granity Rocks Tumbler 20cl
Islande Old Fashioned Tumbler 30cl
Islande Old Fashioned Tumbler 20cl
Elegance Hiball 22cl
Granity Beverage Tumbler 35cl
New York Mixing Glass 55cl
New York Hiball 35cl
New York Hiball 40cl
New York Hiball 47cl
New York Rocks 25cl
New York Rocks 38cl
Salto Hiball 35cl
Salto Old Fashioned Tumbler 31cl
Salto Hiball Ice Blue 35cl
Salto Old Fashioned Tumbler Ice Blue 32cl
Broadway Hiball 28cl
Broadway Hiball 38cl
Broadway Old Fashioned 30cl
Lima Tubo Hiball 40cl
Lima Tubo Hiball 45cl
Lima Hiball 38cl
Lima Rocks Old Fashioned 35cl
Elisa Tumbler 23cl/8oz Old Fashioned
Grande Sunray Tumbler 14.5oz
Grande Sunray High Ball Tumbler 17oz