Dusting Tools

Keep your space free from dust with our range of dusting tools. Our products are designed to trap & remove dust, leaving your surfaces clean & allergen-free

Hygen Quick-Connect 20inch Dusting Wand
Hygen Quick-Connect Sleeve Replacement for Wand
Ergo Globe Overhead Cleaning Handle
Ergo Globe Overhead Cleaning Flex Head
Ergo Globe Overhead Cleaning Sleeve
Cobweb Brush with Extendable Handle
Domed Head Cobweb Brush with Extender Handle
Domed Head for Cobweb Brush HE110
Hi-Gold Dusting Mop Complete
Golden Glove Duster Head
Dusting Mop With Handle
Cobweb Collector Brush Head
Duster Lambswool 60cm Handle
Duster Lambswool 120cm Handle