Waste Recycling

Efficiently recycle waste with our high-quality waste recycling products. Choose from a range of eco-friendly, durable bins, sacks,& sharps collection tools
Bottle Skip 130ltr
Grey Slim Recycling Bin - 87 Litre
Swing Lid for Grey Recycling Bin
Bottle Skip 160ltr
Slim Jim Starter Kit
Slim Jim 2 Stream Bundle Black-Blue
Slim Jim 2 Stream Bundle Grey-Yellow
Slim Jim 3 Stream Bundle Black-Blue-Green
Slim Jim 3 Stream Bundle Black-Blue-Yellow
Slim Jim 4 Stream Bundle Black-Blue-Yellow-Brown
Slim Jim 4 Stream Bundle Black-Blue-Yellow-Green
Slim Jim Billboard Labels
Slim Jim Lids Paper
Slim Jim Lids Mixed
Slim Jim Lids Closed
Slim Jim Lids Bottle-Can
Slim Jim Billboards
Slim Jim Container Grey
Slim Jim Container Black
Slim Jim Container Blue
Slim Jim Bottle Lid Green
Slim Jim Paper Lid Blue
Slim Jim Swing Lid Black
Slim Jim Mingle Lid Green
Deskside Recycling Bin Blue
Side Bin Black for Recycle Bin
Side Bin Grey for Recycle Bin
Combin Recycle Bin Pack
uBin Recycling Bin with Lid & Stickers
uBin Lid Insert Blue - Paper
uBin Lid Insert Grey - Cans
uBin Lid Insert Green - Mixed