Concentrate Cleansers & Equipment

Our Concentrate Cleansers & Equipment are designed to tackle even the toughest dirt & grime. Our products are highly concentrated.
Jeyes H2 Toilet Cleaner Concentrated 2L
Jeyes H3 Glass & Surface Cleaner Concentrate 2L
Jeyes H5 Acidic Washroom Cleaner 2L
Jeyes Super Concentrate C1 Cleaner Sanitiser
Jeyes C3 Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate
Jeyes Concentrated H9 Glass & Multi Surface Cleaner
Enviro Concentrate W1 Washroom Bactericidal Cleaner
Enviro H2 Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate 1L
Enviro Concentrate H6 General All Purpose Sanitiser
Enviro F3 Concentrate Floor & Surface Cleaner
Enviro K5 Kitchen Degreaser Concentrate
Enviro Concentrate K4 Kitchen Sanitiser
Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Enviro Sachets for Buckets
Jangro Neutral Floor Cleaner  Enviro Sachets for Bucket
Enviro Multi-purpose Cleaner Sachets
Jangro Multi-Purpose Cleaner Enviro Sachets for Buckets
Jangro Glass & Steel Cleaner Enviro Sachets for Triggers
Enviro Cleaner Disinfectant Sachets
Jangro Cleaner Disinfectant Enviro Sachets for Buckets
Jangro Enviro Washroom Cleaner Sanitiser Sachets for Buckets
Jangro Enviro Toilet Cleaner Descaler Sachets
Jangro Toilet Cleaner Descaler Enviro Sachets
Jangro Washroom Cleaner Enviro Sachets for Trigger Sprayers
Jeyes Concentrates Dispenser for Refill Bottles
Superblend Concentrate Bucket Dispenser
Empty Refill Bottle for Jeyes H2 Toilet Cleaner
Jeyes Empty Refill Trigger Bottle For H3 Glass & Surface
Jeyes Concentrate H5 Refill Trigger Bottle
Empty Trigger Bottle for C1 Cleaner Sanitiser
Empty Trigger Bottle for C3 Cleaner Degreaser
Ecoshot Chemical Dosing System - for Buckets
Ecoshot Chemical Dosing System for Bottles