Change for the Better

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At Bowak, we’re encouraging a culture of ‘change for the better’ within our team and we want to help our customers find ways to do the same.

We’re a small business, but that doesn’t mean we can’t play our part – we plan on making as much of a difference as we possibly can.

With goals in place and commitment amongst staff we hope to continue our sustainable journey and help likeminded customers reach their goals too.

So, here’s what we’ve already implemented and what we plan to achieve...

Our Sustainability Aims

We've set out the following aims to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainability.

We've produced these aims based on what we've achieved thus far and what we want to achieve in the future.

Our Sustainability Aims


Our Incremental Changes

Over the past year, our encouragement of change for the better has led to several changes across our business.

We're still not where we want to be, but we are so proud of what we've achieved.

Incremental Changes


Our Positive Statistics

Seeing is believing – that’s why we’re so proud that the following statistics are based off of our incremental changes over the past year.

*All statistics have been taken from Q1, Q2 & Q3 2023.

Positive Statistics


Our Certified Progress

Planet Mark

We became a certified PlanetMark business in April 2023 – an incredible achievement involving our entire business.

We're proud to be furthering our commitment to reduce our impact on society.

We've measured our own carbon footprint and will continue to take responsibility to have a positive impact on planet and society.


We're also proud to have achieved the ISO 14001 for our environmental management system.

Being an ISO 14001 accredited supplier has many benefits for our customers too - it provides assurance that we're committed to environmental best practices and are taking steps to reduce our impact.

Our Certified Progress

Our Sustainable Picks

We offer a variety of sustainable products which can help you achieve your sustainability goals with no compromise on quality.

We can help you beyond sustainable products, we also offer a range of sustainable services which can help you reduce your impact on the planet in a variety of different ways.

Check out some of our sustainable picks below.


Eco Hand Scrub Brush Stiff
Eco Deck Scrub 21cm
Eco Utility Brush Stiff
Eco Sweeping Brush Soft 28cm
Eco Sweeping Brush Stiff 28cm
Eco Sweeping Brush Soft 38cm
Eco Sweeping Brush Stiff 38cm
Folding Safety Sign - Wet Floor
Jangro ntrl Foaming Luxury Hand Wash 5L
Jangro ntrl Foaming Luxury Hand Wash 500ml Pump
Jangro ntrl Foam Hand Sanitiser 5L
Jangro ntrl Foam Hand Sanitiser 500ml
Jangro ntrl Probiotic Toilet Cleaner 1L
Jangro ntrl Organic Descaler
Jangro ntrl Foaming Washroom & Toilet Cleaner 5L
Jangro ntrl Foaming Washroom & Toilet Cleaner 750ml
Jangro ntrl Probiotic Washroom Cleaner
Jangro ntrl Washing Up Liquid 1L
Jangro ntrl Washing Up Liquid 5L
Jangro ntrl Cleaner & Degreaser 1L
Jangro ntrl All Surface Cleaner 5L
Jangro ntrl All Surface Cleaner 750ml
Jangro ntrl Probiotic Multi-surface Cleaner 1L
Jangro ntrl Surface Sanitiser Fragranced
Jangro ntrl Surface Sanitiser Unfragranced 1L
Jangro ntrl Kitchen Sanitiser Unfragranced
uBin Recycling Bin with Lid & Stickers
Enviro Complete Washroom Cleaner Unit
Jangro Kitchen Sanitiser Sachets
Empty Bottle for Enviro Toilet Cleaner & Descaler Sachets
Enviro Complte Multi-Purpose Cleaner Unit
Enviro Complete Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner Unit