Vacuum Cleaners

Keep your carpets & floors looking their best with our range of powerful & efficient vacuums. Our products are designed to tackle the toughest dirt and dust.
Numatic PSP370A Dry 15L Vac 32mm
Truvox VTVe Tub Vac 800w
Numatic Eco-Vacuum 8L Dry
Numatic NRV240-11 Dry 9L Vac 32mm
Numatic PPT220 Dry 9L Vac & Caddy
Numatic NRP240 Dry 9L Eco Vac 32mm
Numatic PSP180 Dry 8L Vac 32mm
Numatic Prosave PSP200 Vacuum Cleaner
Numatic NBV190NX Cordless Tub Vac
Karcher Tub Vac T 10/1 Adv
JanVac D12 Dry Tub Vacuum
Nilfisk VP300 Hepa Dry Vac Basic
Numatic NQ100 Quick Cordless Vacuum (2 x Battery)
Numatic Quick Vac Battery 25.2V
Numatic Quick Vac Battery Charger
Numatic Quick Vac Wall Mount
Numatic Quick Vac Ext Handle
Numatic Quick Vac Brushbar Kit Including Cap
Numatic Quick Vac Floor Tool
Numatic Quick Vac Wand
Numatic Pro Cordless Vacuum NBV190NX
Numatic Cordless Trolley Vac PBT230NX
Numatic Cordless Trolley Vac PBT230NX/1NX
Numatic Cordless Vac NBV190NX supplied with 2 batteries
Numatic Cordless Trolley Vac PBT230NX/2NX
Numatic Pro Cordless Vacuum NBV240NX  without battery
Numatic Cordless Vacuum NBV240/1NX
Numatic Battery Charger for NX300
Numatic Pro Cordless Vacuum NBV240/2NX   with 2 batteries
Sebo Evolution 300 Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo Evolution 350 Vacuum Cleaner
Sebo Evolution 450 Vacuum Cleaner