Food Bags & Wraps

Keep your food fresh with our range of food bags& wraps. Our products are designed to meet the highest industry standards for quality & safety.

Kraft Laminated Deli Bag 108x75x218mm
Kraft Paper Deli Bag with film window
Kraft Food Bag Film Fronted brown 210x210mm
Sandwich Bags Clear Sealable 8 x 10inch
Compostable Baguette Window Bag 6x8x10inch
Portion Bags Friday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Monday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Saturday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Sunday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Thursday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Tuesday 165mm Trilingual
Portion Bags Wednesday 165mm Trilingual
Film Fronted Greaseproof Bags
Greaseproof Bags White 8.5x8.5inch
Greaseproof Bags White 10inch x 10inch
White Sulphite Bags
Scotchban Greaseproof Bags 6x4inch
Scotchban Greaseproof Bags Brown 7x7inch
Polythene LDPE 120g Clear Bags Food Use 175x225mm
Foil Lined White Paper Bags
Polythene LDPE 120g Clear Bags Food Use 600x900mm
Heavy Duty Clear 250g Plastic Bag 18x24inch
NatureFlex Clear Bag 70x210mm
NatureFlex Clear Baguette Bag 100x350mm
NatureFlex Clear Food Bag Compostable     150x50x240mm
NatureFlex Clear Bag 170x205mm
Flat Paper Bags
Burger Discs 5inch Greaseproof
Burger Wrap Blue 25x32cm
Burger Wrap Green 25x32cm
Burger Wrap Orange 25x32cm
Burger Wrap Red 25x32cm