Kitchen Cleaning

Keep your kitchen sparkling with our cleaning supplies. From sponges, scrub brushes, disinfectants &degreasers, we have everything to keep a hygienic kitchen.

Jangro Centrefeed Wiper Blue 1 Ply
Jangro Centrefeed Wiper Blue 2 Ply
Tork Reflex Centrefeed Blue 2 Ply
Jangro Kitchen Rolls White
Tork Reflex Portable Start Pack Turquoise
Jangro Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser Odourless
Jangro Kitchen Cleaner Sanitiser Odourless
Jangro Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray
Jangro Alcohol-Based Sanitiser Spray
Jangro Alcohol-Based Sanitiser
Jangro Cream Cleaner
Jangro Sanitising Powder
Jangro Sanitising Powder 500g
Jangro Kitchen Sanitiser Sachets
Jangro Kitchen Sanitiser Enviro Sachets for Triggers
Jangro Contract Kitchen Sanitiser
Veggisan Sanitising Tablets
Jangro ntrl Kitchen Sanitiser Unfragranced
Jangro Stainless Steel Cleaner Aero
Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Heavy Duty
Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Heavy Duty Spray
Jangro Heavy Duty Cleaner Odourless
Jangro Degreasing Powder
Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Enviro Sachets for Buckets
Jangro Kitchen Degreaser Sachets Enviro for Triggers
Jangro ntrl Cleaner & Degreaser 1L
Jangro ntrl Cleaner Degreaser 5L
Soda Washing Crystals
BioHygiene Grease Degrader
Trigger Bottle for Jangro ntrl Cleaner and Degreaser
Bowak Janisol Odourless Degreaser
Bowak Surface Odourless Degreaser