Hot Takeaway

Keep your food hot with our range of takeaway containers. From soup cups to noodle boxes, we have all you need to keep your food piping hot & ready to eat.
Jungle Lion Meal Boxes
Space Aliens Meal Boxes
Under The Sea Meal Boxes
Colpac Stagione Kraft PP Lined Tray 1000ml
Colpac Stagione Kraft PP Lid
Stagione Kraft Tray 500ml PP Lined
Stagione Kraft Tray 750ml PP Lined
Stagione Kraft Tray 1000ml PP Lined
Stagione rPET Anti Mist Lid
Stagione PP Lid
Stagione Kraft Lid PP Lined
Kraft Paperboard Box 1950ml
Kraft Paperboard Box 985ml
Kraft Paperboard Box 750ml
Savori Pillow Pack with Window Large
Savori Hot Food Box
Savori Small Pillow Pack with Window
Savori Square Pillow Pack with Window
Multi Food Box 750ml Compostable
Multi Food Box 985ml Compostable
Multi Food Box 1950ml Compostable
Multi Food Box 800ml Compostable
Multi Food Box 1250ml Compostable
Kraft Clamshell Large 135x125x75 mm
Kraft Multi Food Box Medium 250x125x60mm
Kraft Slice Tray with Lid 190x165x40mm
Kraft Scoop Medium
Kraft Scoop Large
Fish and Chip Box Large Closed Edenware 250x125x55mm
Edenware Open Tray Large 235x120x45mm
Kraft Food Box No 1
Kraft Food Box No.2