Automatic Air Care

Our automatic air care systems provide continuous and reliable odor control for your washroom, ensuring a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere.

Tork Air Freshener Spray Mixed Pack
Microburst Airfresh Dispenser 3000 White
Microburst Startpack White
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Clean
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Discrete
Microburst Air Care Refill Rain Forest
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Island Cocktail
Microburst AirCare Refill Purifying Spa
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Radiant
Microburst Air Care Refill Relaxing Spa
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Tranquil
Microburst 3000 Airfresh Refill Vibrant
Microburst LumeCel Dispenser White
Microburst 3000 Mixed Refills
Easy Air Freshener Fan Unit with Batteries
Easy Air Freshener Refill Covers Honeysuckle
Easy Air Freshener Refill Covers Mango
Easy Air Freshener Refill Covers Ocean Mist
Easy Air Freshener Refill Covers Spiced Apple
Tcell Airfresh Refill Blue Splash
Tcell Airfresh Refill Citrus Mix
V-Air Solid Citris Mango EVA Cartridge
V-Air Solid Ice Cool EVA Cartridge
V-Air Solid Linen Breeze EVA Cartridge
V-Air Solid Marine Musk EVA Cartridge
V-Air Solid MVP Dispenser White
V-Air Solid Apple Orchard EVA Cartridge
V-Air Solid Bergamot & Sandalwood EVA Cartridge
Kleenmist Citrus Aerosol 270ml
Kleenmist Forest Berries Aerosol 270ml
Kleenmist Wildflower Aerosol 270ml