Disposable Cutlery

Serve your food with ease using our range of disposable cutlery. From forks & spoons to knives & stirrers, we have everything to make your event a success.

Birch Wood Knife
Birch Wood Fork
Birch Wood Dessert Spoon
Birch Wood Tea Spoon
Wooden Chip Forks
Wooden Meal Pack 3 in 1 Kraft Wrapped
Wooden Meal Pack 4 in 1 Kraft Wrapped
Bamboo Knot Picks
Toothpicks Wooden Paper Wrap
Wooden Chopsticks Wrapped
Wooden Skewers
Bamboo Steak Picks
Bamboo Paddle Picks
Paper Knife Compostable 6.2in
Paper Fork Compostable 6.2in
Paper Spoon Compostable 6.2in
Paper Teaspoon Compostable 4.5inch