Wipers & Cloths

Keep your space clean & dry with our range of wipers. Our products are designed to absorb spills & wipe away dirt & grime, leaving your surface sparkling clean

Jangro All Purpose Cloths
Hygen Microfibre Cloth Blue
Tork Low-Lint Cleaning Cloth 60m
Premium Biowipe Plus Cloths
Jangro Heavy Duty Cloth
Jangro Lightweight Wipers
Jangro Lightweight Wipe Roll
Vileda Breazy Cloth Blue 35x36
Vileda Breazy Cloth Green 35x36
Vileda Breazy Cloth Red 35x36
Vileda Breazy Cloths Yellow 37x30
Vileda Breazy Cloth Yellow 35x36
Vileda Mediumweight Cloths
Chicopee J Cloth Plus Blue
Chicopee J Cloth Plus Green
Chicopee J Cloth Plus Red
Chicopee J Cloth Plus Yellow
Unger Medium Microfibre Cloth
Handy Microfibre Mitt Grey
Hi-Shine Microfibre Cloth Blue 40x40cm
Unger MicroWipe Lite Cloth 40x40cm
Hi-Shine Microfibre Cloth Yellow 40x40cm
Microfibre 40x40 Cloths
Vileda PVA Micro Cloths
Dishcloths Striped
Stockinette Cloths Standard
Stockinette Roll 800g
Floor Cloth Medium
Dusters Yellow 50x45cm