Floor Care Pads

Achieve a high-quality clean with our range of floor pads. Our pads are designed to effectively remove dirt & stains from a variety of floor surfaces.

Vileda MicroSafety Floor Pads 17inch
Rectangular Pads Black 490x360mm
Rectangular Pads Red 490x360mm
Jangro Floor Pad Black Wet Strip
Jangro Floor Pad Brown Dry Strip
Jangro Floor Pad Green Scrub
Jangro Floor Pad Blue Scrub
Jangro Floor Pad Red Spray Clean
Jangro Floor Pads White Polishing
Jangro Floor Pads Tan Polishing
Pal-O-Mine Rectangular Floor Tool
Edge Cleaning Pads
Pal-O-Mine Rectangular Floor Pad
Pal-O-Mine Bucket Sieve
Edge Cleaning Pad Holder
Edge Scrubbing Pad Holder
Maxi Erase-all Rectangular FloorPad
Bonnet Mop Carpet Cleaning 15inch
Bonnet Mop Carpet Cleaning 43cm
Floor Care Bonnet Mop 15inch