Kitchen Knives

Cut through any food with ease using our range of high-quality kitchen knives. From paring knives to chef's knives, we have everything to create perfect cuts
Knife Rack Magnetic 33cm
Bread Knife Serrated 8inch Purple
Bread Knife White 8inch
Scalloped Utility Knife 13cm White Handle
Scalloped Utility Knife 13cm Red Handle
Chef Knives - Coloured Handle
Vegetable Knife Blue 10cm
Vegetable Knife Black 10cm
Vegetable Knife Brown 10cm
Vegetable Knife Green 10cm
Vegetable Knife Red 10cm
Victorinox Paring Knife 8cm Green
Victorinox Tomato Knife Green 11cm
Steak Knife 25cm
Bread Knife 20cm
Paring Knife 8cm
Paring Knife 10cm
Turning Knife 5cm
Tomato Knife Serrated 10cm
Rigid Boning Knife 13cm
Flexible Filleting Knife 15cm
Slicing Knife Serrated 25cm
Flexible Palette Knife 20cm
Cranked Palette Knife 19cm
Carving Fork 15cm
Victorinox Carving Knife 19cm
Sharpening Steel 25cm
Sharpening Steel 30cm
Oval Diamond Sharpening Steel Oval 25cm
Chopping Boards 30x45
Chopping Boards 46x31
Chopping Board Stand (6 boards)