Cold Takeaway

Keep your food fresh & delicious with our cold takeaway containers. From salad bowls to sandwich boxes, we have everything you need to keep your food fresh.
Prochem Neutra Soft
Salad Container Oval Clear 1000ml with Hinged Lid
Kraft Tuck-Top Salad Pack 825ml Small
Salad Bowl Oval Clear 250ml with Hinger Lid
Zest Small Salad Box
Salad Bowl Oval Clear 750ml with Hinged Lid
Zest Medium Salad Box 160x120x50mm
Zest Salad Box Large 200/180x120/100x50mm
Zest Deep Salad Box 129 x 119 x 85mm
Salad Bowl Rectangular 750ml Clear with Hinged Lid
Salad Bowl Rectangular 1000ml Clear with Hinged Lid
Cartonboard Salad Pack 1 Litre
Fresco Oval Salad Container 250cc
Oval Salad Container Clear 375cc
Oval Salad Container Clear 500ml
Oval Salad Container Clear 750cc
Oval Salad Container Clear 1000ml
Salad Box Clear Rectangular 236ml
Salad Box Clear Rectangular 473ml
Twisty Salad Bowl 500cc with Hinged Lids
Twisty Salad Bowl 750cc with hinged lid
Deli 24oz Container Hinged Lid PLA
Kraft Multi-food Pot & Lid 470ml [17 fl.oz] paper pot & PET lid
Kraft Multi-food Pot & Lid 20oz
Kraft Multi-food Pot & Lid 25oz
Kraft Multi-food Pot & Lid 1300ml
Cake Box Pop-Up White 6x6x4inch
Cake Box Flat Folding White 8x8x3inch
Cupcake 6 Box Window White 242x165x75mm
Kraft Carry Box Large