Innovative paper solutions for your workplace.




Choosing Papernet means choosing sustainable hygiene, combining maximum environmental performance with maximum hygienic performance.


The Sofidel Group has dedicated its usual attention for quality and innovation to Papernet too. The result is a product range that stands out for its hygienic and environmental performance. Papernet chooses sustainability and hygiene as strategic values and meets its goal of a highly effective professional product created respecting the environment and energy savings.




BioTech is a unique Papernet innovation. BioTech is the only toilet paper that protects pipes!

It contains five different types of microorganisms totally harmless to people and the environment, each designed to target the major causes of organic waste build-up in pipes.

When the toilet paper comes into contact with water, the good microorganisms are activated, producing enzymes that feed on the offending organic matter present in the pipes and sewer system.

Once their action is finished, the good microorganisms fully biodegrade, meaning Bio Tech is 100% environmentally friendly.

It is dermatologically tested and safe for skin, eyes and intimate areas of adults and children.





DissolveTech is a another unique Papernet innovation. DissolveTech paper remains strong while drying your hands, yet breaks down like toilet tissue when flushed!


Market reasearch shows that in Europe clogs represent a 1 billion euro problem. Dissolve Tech:

  • REDUCES THE RISK OF CLOGS IN PIPESin hotels, hospitals, airplanes, trains, ships, and in general all those places that experience clogging problems.
  • SPARESworking staff the STRESS OF EMERGENCY CALLS during normal service.
  • 30% COST SAVINGSMarket research shows that, to thoroughly dry hands, 2 DISSOLVE TECH HAND TOWELS SUFFICE, compared to 3 traditional flushable towels.