Hotel Guest Toiletries

Elsyl Hotel Bath & Shower Cream with Ginseng 40ml
Elsyl Hotel Soap 30g
Elsyl Conditioner with Ginseng 40ml
Elsyl Hand & Body Lotion with Ginseng 40ml
Elsyl Shampoo with Ginseng 40ml
Elsyl Hotel Vanity Kit
Sea Kelp Guest Soap Tablet 25g
Sea Kelp Bath & Shower Gel 50ml
Sea Kelp Hair Shampoo 50ml
Sea Kelp Conditioner 50ml
Sea Kelp Moisturiser 50ml 165x50ml
Au Lait Hotel Bath & Shower Gel 30ml
Au Lait Hair Shampoo 30ml
Au Lait Hotel Moisturiser 30ml
Au Lait Moisturiser 50ml
Au Lait Guest Soap Tablet 25g
Hotel Guest Shoe Shine Sponge in Poly Box
Hotel Guest Shower Cap
Hotel Guest Sewing Kit
Hotel Guest Vanity Kit
Hotel Guest Shaving Kit
Hotel Guest Nail Care Kit
Hotel Guest Dental Kit
Hotel Guest Sanitary Disposal Bags
Hotel Guest White Slippers
Hotel Guest Plastic Tumbler
Hotel Guest Wc Sanitised Strip
Sea Kelp Skin Moisturiser 300ml
Sea Kelp Skin Moisturiser 5L
Au Lait Hand Lotion 300ml
Au Lait Hotel Hand Lotion 5L
Courtesy Moisturiser