Karcher HD 5/11 P Cold Water Pressure Washer

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£591.91 Each

The Kärcher HD 5/11 P High Pressure Cleaner offers professional quality and performance in a portable package.
It is a compact cold water pressure washer, ideal for cleaning tasks on farms, in workshops, cars & machinery, etc.
Its light weight and built-in carry handle make the HD 5/11 P is incredibly easy to transport even up steps or ladders.

The machine has several features usually found on much more expensive machines, like the automatic pressure relief feature to protect internal components on start-up, the Easy Press trigger gun with rotating lance, and high-grade hose and power cable.
All of its professional-grade accessories are stored on-board, providing easy access and helping to prevent trip hazards.
This tough, simple machine can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position, making it safer for use at height or on uneven ground.

The machine is convenient to use, manoeuvrable and versatile. Karcher have incorporated easy-press, ergonomically shaped trigger gun & servo control, offering simple pressure/flow rate control.

The adjustable pull-out handle ensures compact transportation when not in use - and when the handle is extended it can hold accessories during operation.

Standard equipment also included a triple nozzle - to suit every application.

Karcher HDS 5/11U Pressure Washer

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£1547.73 Each

The Karcher HDS 5/11U is the perfect Pressure Washer machine for light-medium duty cleaning tasks where time is ofthe essence.

Hot or cold this Pressure Washer is easy to use and transport.

Heats water to 80C with simple OFF-COLD-HOT operation, small footprint and typical Karcher design and build quality.

Nilfisk Alto Pressure Washer MC 2C

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£839.86 Each
Pressure washer for routine, semi-professional, low intensity cleaning tasks.

Excellent cleaning performance, professional spray equipment, accessory storage and easy handling.

Compact design makes it easy to transport and store.

- Automatic start/stop
- Ergo 2000 gun
- Ergo plus accessory concept
- Brass cylinder head
- Axial pump
- Steel reinforced High Pressure Hose (standard 10 m, XT 15 m)
- Detergent injector hose and doser
- Removable integrated detergent tank (2 l)
- Water flow regulation on all models
- 4-in-1 lance - four optional variable nozzles in one single lance

Nilfisk Alto Pressure Washer MH 4M

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£3450.60 Each
Hot water high pressure washer suitable for heavier cleaning applications, up to 4-6 hours use per day.

4 large wheels improves maneuverability on rough surfaces.

Useful features for accessory storage:
- Double lance holders,
- Turnable hook for easy removal or winding of electrical cable.
- Innovative spray gun holder.
- Easy storage of detergent tanks.